5 most important things to know if you are going to your first pottery class

Every time of art has its own joy and it own ways. For pottery there are some important criteria to know before going to any pottery sessions that will make your life much easier.

1. Wear Old Clothes and shoes

Wear old clothes or clothes that you think you don't mind if they get dirty and muddy. Pottery is messy, especially if you are working on the wheel, because potters have to use water as lubricant to be able to make the desired shapes they have in mind. As you are going to work with clay and water and the possibility of getting that on your clothes and shoes is very high. Though, most of the places if they are classes or workshops they provide you with aprons, there is still a chance of getting mud all over you.

Moreover, wear shoes that are old. However, you can also wear leather shoes that you can wipe off the clay from it after the class. In general though i will recommend to wear flip flops or old shoes.

2. Don't Expect to make a Big Vase on your first attempt

Knowing your way around how to make a pot on the wheel is a tremendously hard art. It is truly a knowledge both intellectually and spiritually.

First point is that, practice makes perfect, so the more you do it, the better will be your results. Second point is that it is like riding a bike, because you will make muscle memory and you will remember what to do, if you have worked on the wheel or sculpted by hand a lot before.

Though, for the first day on the pottery class, you should expect to learn how to center the clay and be able to make cylinder shapes. Be aware that a lot of times on the first days, your cylinder shape pots may turn to a bowl, believe it or not!

3. Spiritual Effect

alongside all the good feels that pottery gives you, like making your own pieces of art or dinnerware, and learning a new skillset and art, pottery is a very spiritual act from my idea. It is daunting how much it can make you calm. After a great session of pottery, you should prepare yourself to leave the place centered.

4. Clay is very giving

Clay is a very giving substance, so don't be scared if you have made something and at the end it wobbles a little bit or if you cut some parts by mistake, because in 90% of the times you can fix the problem. However, one important fact in pottery (especially for beginners) is not to have long nails as nails rupture the clay very easily and it can leave you with ruined pieces.

5.Patience is Key

The process that goes into making a pot come to life is astonishing but also long. From when you are making the pots either by hand or on the wheel to the process after that.

So let me explain to you how it works.

First, you have to make the pot. The speed here varies based on how professional you are and how complicated or simple is the piece that you are making. Then, you need to wait a while from a few hours to a few days depending on the piece to let the pot dry a little bit and to be able to trim the piece. After the trimming process, the piece goes into the kiln. After it comes out of the kiln, you need to glaze the pot, and then it should go into the kiln once more. And then finally you will have the ready handmade pot in your hand.

Yes, it is a long process but the feeling when you have your piece into this world and into your home and into different homes is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling feelings in the world.

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